La Folle Journée au Japon Music Festival


When: 02/05/15 - 04/05/15: All Day

Where: Tokyo International Forum, Marunouchi 3-5-1

Starting in the French port city of Nantes in 1995, La Folle Journée arrived in Tokyo in 2005 bringing top classical music performances to the city’s streets. Previously centered around a particular composer, period or city, the festival has this year selected “Passions,” and the various interpretations of the word, as its theme. The event features a huge lineup of artists with performances taking place from morning until night. With each show just 45 minutes in length visitors can spend the day hopping between concerts. La Folle Journée au Japon has been attracting huge audiences since its inception—to date, the festival has drawn 6.4 million visitors in total.

La Folle Journée au Japon Music Festival

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How much: ¥700 – ¥3,000, Economical One-day Passport Ticket, 1F S seat: ¥12,500, 2F A seat: ¥8,000


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