Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition

Bonsai Exhibit

When: 04/02/14 - 12/02/14: All Day

Where: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum , 8-36 Uenokoen

Learn a little more about this traditional Japanese art form by admiring a full collection of the bite-sized wonders. This particular event is already in its 88th edition, and it’s an opportunity for bonsai experts to revel in this refined art form or for newcomers to take it all in. Get an eyeful as there will be over 500 trees on display, and the event is divided into two viewings, with different works on display for each one: the first viewing is February 4–7 and the second part is Feb 9–12.

Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition

February 4–12

More information: www.bonsai-kyokai.or.jp/kokuhuten.htm

How much: ¥1,000 (adults) /¥500 (students)

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