Kenji Misumi Retrospective


When: 05/01/16 - 13/03/16: All Day

Where: National Film Center, 3-7-6 Kyobashi

Kenji Misumi; the name may not be familiar but his work certainly should be. Misumi kick started two of the most successful and longest-running samurai film franchises in Japan when he directed the first installments of ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ and ‘Zatoichi.’ ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ gained notoriety in the west after Misumi’s first two entries in the series were chopped together and re-dubbed for English-speaking audiences as blood-soaked cult classic ‘Shogun Assassin’. It was Beat Takeshi who gave the Zatoichi name a boost with his acclaimed 2003 take on the character though the defining version starred Shintaro Katsu as the blind swordsman. The Katsu series ran for 26 films, with Misumi frequently directing. Catch these sword-fighting classics and many other films from the director’s prolific career in this expansive retrospective from the National Film Center.

Kenji Misumi Retrospective

How much: ¥520, University and high school students and seniors ¥310, Junior high school students and younger ¥100

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