Kanamara Matsuri

Kanamara Festival

When: 03/04/16: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Where: Wakamiya Hachimangu, 2-13-16 Daishiekimae

Literally meaning “Festival of the Steel Phallus,” Kanamara Matsuri is best known as well … the Penis Festival. Prayers to the shrine apparently bring prosperity, easy childbirth, harmonious marriages, and fertility. While the main, gigantic representations being carried around will provide an eyeful, you can also get a mouthful with the phallic-shaped candy and other foods. On a serious note, the festival also raises money for HIV/AIDS research and prevention.

Kanamara Matsuri

How much: Free

More information: http://kawasakidaishi-kanko.com/wakamiyahachimangu/index.html (Japanese only)

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