Kampai with Sake


When: 05/01/16: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: Japan Sake and Shochu Center, 1-1-21 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato

Cheers to the New Year with your first cup of sake at the Japan Shochu and Sake Center! The event is happening in intervals (noon and at five o’clock), to suit those who work and those who have the luxury of a longer break. Members at the Center will be performing the tradition of cracking open a new sake cask (“kagami-biraki”,鏡開き) and sharing their national drink with guests. The drink served will be a cider, (“taru zake”,樽酒), considered good luck for the coming year.

The first 200 visitors to either event will also receive a free wooden sake box (“masu”,枡升) with a stamp of a Monkey on it, celebrating the Year of the Monkey, naturally. The “masu” box usually holds a cup of overflowing sake. Several returning guests will be there to collect the 2016 cup, to continue their collection of all twelve zodiac “masu.” Mingle, have a drink and score a lucky cup for the new year.

Kampai with Sake

How much: Free

More info: http://www.japansake.or.jp/sake/english/event.html

Image: Christian Kaden / Flicker, used C.C.

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