Journey to the End of the Night: Heroes and Villains


When: 21/05/16: 6:30 pm - 11:15 pm

Where: Kiyosumi Park, 3-3-9 Kiyosumi

Your heart won’t be able to stop pounding long after this event has ended. Hit the streets of Tokyo for a city-wide “heroes and villains” running competition, organized by “Journey to the End of the Night.” Check points (about six of them) will be placed at prominent locations; competitors will need to make their way through the skyscraper jungle and pass through each one before the designated villain does, if they want to survive! It’s similar to a tag game, with a twisted theme.

At about 8.5 km, the competition is expected to last between 2 and 4 hours, dependent on weather and number of runners. Join your side and see if heroes or villains will triumph and win the prize. The page will update at the beginning of May with information on how to register for the competition. Word is it’ll be first-come, first-serve, so keep your mouse steady on that “refresh” button!

Journey to the End of the Night: Heroes and Villains

How much: Free

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Image by: Mashi Ro

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