Otowaza: Journey into the Beats of Japan


When: 16/11/15 - 18/11/15: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Roppongi c*LAPS, 3-16-33 Roppongi B1

Launching this month, the Otowaza project will be featuring outstanding Japanese musicians, performers, and cuisine in a blend of the traditional and the modern. For their inaugural concert series, Otowaza is highlighting the talents of their newly appointed general music directors, Dozan Fujiwara and Yukihiro Isso.

Dozan Fujiwara is a world-famous shakuhachi player who has helped to spur interest in traditional Japanese music, while Yukihiro Isso (pictured above with one of his ensembles) is a renowned wooden flute player who carries on the 400-year-old family tradition of the Nohgaku Theater.

The three nights of performances will feature a variety of different ensembles (check the flyer below for details) that combine melody instruments, percussion, and live dance, for three memorable evenings of entertainment. MC Miki Sumiyoshi, a bilingual former NHK announcer, will provide background about the performers, instruments, and art forms during the program. As a final touch for the “omotenashi” experience, Japanese food and drink will be served.

To make reservations, visit http://c-laps.jp/ticket/?mc_id=717&ticket=ticket-on (in Japanese) or call 03-6441-3171.


Otowaza: Journey into the Beats of Japan

How much: ¥8,800

More info: http://otowaza.jp/category/schedule/?lang=en

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