Jacques Henri Lartigue Photography at Fujifilm Square


When: 03/11/15 - 01/02/16: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Where: Fujifilm Square, 7-3 Akasaka, 9-chome

Jacques Henri Lartigue, born at the end of the 19th century to a family at the top of the social ladder, would’ve loved Instagram today. His passion was capturing photos from every moment of his life, lest they fade away to be forgotten by an unstable memory. His amateur photos are regarded as the “best non-professional photo collection,” though that’s perhaps because he didn’t need to work a day in his life, and had plenty of disposable money to invest in the newest camera technology. Although he never contributed funds to develop any lens or bodies, he did capture the early 20th century in a way nobody else could – up close, personal, fashionable, and candid. The quirky, life-loving portrayals of the turn of the century continue to teach and illuminate what life was like over a hundred years ago.

As it’s a free event, and held at Fujifilm Square, where there are a range of shops, workshops, and salons to peruse, why not spend an afternoon being inspired?

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How much: Free

More Info: http://fujifilmsquare.jp/en/

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