International Spy Party


When: 21/05/16: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Loopolic , Kaminoge 1-3-6

Don your fedoras, slip on your sunglasses, and don’t forget your trench coat! This international party, hosted by Wa-sa-bi, is entirely spy-themed. Unsure if this event will raise some eyebrows at the NSA, but crossing fingers we aren’t required to also be as fit as James Bond is. The group will be sticking a little curly black mustache on everyone who walks through the door, and an array of cocktails, beers, and soft drinks (neither shaken nor stirred – we hope) ready on the counter.

Snacks and dancing will accompany the dress-up night of partying! The organizers didn’t say anything about how we are expected to twerk effectively in our long overcoats, but that’s what the mystery is, we suppose. The all-you-can-drink option is to there to help you solve the case … maybe.

International Spy Party

How much: ¥2,500

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