Indian Buddhist Art from Indian Museum, Kolkata


When: 17/03/15 - 17/05/15: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Where: Tokyo National Museum, 13-9 Ueno Koen

Take a journey through the birth and development of art in Buddhism via the treasures of the Indian Museum in Kolkata – one of the oldest museums in Asia. India is the birthplace of Buddhism and the country has a rich history of art work related to the growth of the religion. Follow the birth of Buddha in art focusing on works which present his life and times, early representations, advances in form, shape, Bodhisattvas, deities and more in this impressive collection on loan for a limited time.

Indian Buddhist Art from Indian Museum, Kolkata

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How much: ¥1,400, university students ¥1,000, high school students ¥800, children free


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