Ikejiri-Ohashi Coffee Meet Up


When: 05/10/16 - 16/10/16: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Ikejiri-Ohashi cemented its reputation as “Coffee Town” back in March when it held its first coffee festival, and now it’s back with a new event to keep caffeine lovers alert. The Coffee Meet Up is a “stamp rally,” where participants visit each participating store and collect stamps in order to fill up their card and collect a prize at the end. Along the way, there are events and workshops to keep you informed and psyched about the black serum of creativity.

Participating stores in the area: Jam Stand Coffee, Bubbles Chill Coffee, Good People & Good Coffee, Paradise Tokyo/Wacko Maria, The Workers, PNB Coffee and Starbucks.

Ikejiri-Ohashi Coffee Meet Up

How much: Free

More info: https://goodpeopleandgoodcoffee.com/news/161001_coffeemeetup/