Hotel Arts Festival in Park Hotel Tokyo


When: 05/08/16 - 06/08/16: 12:00 am

Where: Park Hotel Tokyo, 1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi

Park Hotel Tokyo holds the Hotel Arts Festival based on the concept of “infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty.” With these exhibitions, the hotel seeks to create an artistic space where visitors can experience modern works in a variety of media, including visual art, music, video, and performance, all staged in the hotel’s guest rooms, private rooms and lobby. The event is open not only to hotel guests, but to anyone with an interest in the arts.

An array of art-related programming is planned for this edition of the Hotel Arts Festival, including live painting, DJ performances, and a talk show. A total of 15 Artist Rooms will be open especially for the event.

Hotel Arts Festival in Park Hotel Tokyo

How much: ¥3,000 on August 5 (advance tickets only; food and art cocktails included), ¥1,000 in advance and ¥1,500 same-day on August 6 (one art cocktail included)

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