Hostess Club Weekender 2015


When: 22/11/15 - 23/11/15: 12:30 pm

Where: Studio Coast, 2-2-10, Shin-Kiba

If you’ve been pining for the music festivals of past spring and summer, Hostess Club Weekender may be able to satiate your cravings, until next season at least. The upcoming two-day event, held at Studio Coast, promises to satisfy music lovers and concert goers alike. This year, for the price of a decent-sized turkey dinner in Tokyo, Weekenders can check out several popular indie bands and artists. Featuring artists from across the sea, including Bloc Party, The Melvins, Mystery Jets, and Christopher Owens, the venue will be packed all day in all arenas. Autograph booths, plenty of food and drinks, and merchandise stalls will be on hand in the VIP and outside deck as well. Grab tickets fast – they’re getting scooped up in time for what would be Thanksgiving weekend.

Hostess Club Weekender 2015

How much: One Day Ticket: ¥8,500/Two Day Ticket: ¥13,900

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Image: Hostess Club Weekender Gallery

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