Hokkaido Festival at Yoyogi Park


When: 03/10/14 - 05/10/14: All Day

Where: Yoyogi Park Event Space, 2-1 Yoyogi Kamizounocho

If you haven’t visited Hokkaido (or if you have and loved it), now is the chance to get a taste of the northern region’s food, as countless rows of aromatic stalls are awaiting you at the Hokkaido Festival.

Hokkaido is particularly well known for the freshness and high quality of the its seafood: crab, scallops, sea urchins, salmon roe, salmon, herring, flounder, cod, squid, octopus, shrimp, abalone, surf clams and kelp… oh my. Other famous Hokkaido fare includes its mouthwatering ramen, ishikare-nabe (a hot pot in which chunks of salmon are stewed with vegetables, tofu and konnyaku in a miso broth), ‘Genghis Khan’ (barbecued mutton, named after the man who founded the Mongol Empire in the early 13th century because, apparently, of the Mongolian soldiers’ practice of stewing the meat in their helmets…), dairy produce (fresh milk, and creamy butter and cheeses), as well as its homegrown beer (Sapporo the most famous, of course!).

However, arm yourself with patience and get ready to line up in order to feast on all those goodies- the Hokkaido Festival is one of the busiest every year, and  it’s easy to see why.

Hokkaido Festival at Yoyogi Park

More information: http://www.hokkai-syokudo.co.jp/yoyogi.php

How much: Free

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