Hiroshima Bath at Take no yu


When: 12/11/13 - 17/11/13: 2:00 pm - 2:00 am

Where: Take no yu, 3-45-2 Hatagaya

With the weather getting colder and flu season approaching, a Japanese style bath can be a great way to keep warm and stay healthy. In partnership with Hiroshima Prefecture, the Take no yu baths will be getting a bit of the flavor of Western Japan.

The painter Morio Nakajima has painted a depiction of one of Japan’s most recognizable views, the Itsukushima shrine, in the bath itself. On November 12 and 17, Take no yu will give guests an added bonus of a bath filled with lemons from Hiroshima Prefecture. In addition to smelling good, the lemon bath is also said to help fight off colds—and it will definitely make for a story for your friends back home.

Each day, the first 200 guests will get a gift from Hiroshima Prefecture.

If you’re a fan of the public bath, you shouldn’t miss it.

Hiroshima Bath at Take no yu

How much: ¥450 entry fee

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