Hatsu Fudo Daruma Doll Fair


When: 28/01/15: All Day

Where: Takahatafudoson Kongoji, 733 Takahata

Daruma, the traditional Japanese round, red dolls representing perseverance and good luck are a familiar sight out and about in Tokyo, but never are they as abundant as at Takahata Fudoson Temple during the “Hatsu Fudo” Daruma Doll Fair. While checking out the many stalls from all over the Kanto region there’s plenty of opportunity to purchase your own Daruma, a popular gift to stimulate motivation and offer encouragement. Over 150 vendors line the area outside the temple, cheerfully hawking the brightly colored dolls.

Hatsu Fudo Daruma Doll Fair

More information: http://www.takahatafudoson.or.jp/

How much: free

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