Harajuku Kawaii Festival 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

When: 05/10/13 - 06/10/13: All Day

Where: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, 1-17-1 Sendagaya

It’s no secret that the ‘kawaii’ movement is a huge part of Japanese culture, and the Harajuku Kawaii Festival celebrates just that, complete with live music performances, fashion shows, model meet-and-greets, and a plethora of kawaii items for sale. This festival takes place not once, but twice yearly – just to show you the growing proportions of everything kawaii.

The event usually features the Asobi System crew, which includes super pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, dancing mavens Tempura Kidz and Ram Rider, along with the bloggers turned models such as Una, Ayumi Seto and Anna Yano. Although the official lineup has yet to be announced, you can expect something similar, along with the usual booths presenting the latest kawaii fashion items and mascots.

Harajuku Kawaii Festival 2013

More info: http://fes2013.asbs.jp/

How much: TBA

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