Gustave Caillebotte Exhibition at Bridgestone Museum of Art


When: 09/12/13 - 29/12/13: All Day

Come see the first exhibition in Japan dedicated to this urban Impressionist.

Gustave Caillebotte (1848–1894) was, with Monet and Renoir, a leading member of the Impressionist school. He participated in five Impressionist exhibitions, starting with the second in 1876. As a collector who purchased his friends’ works, Caillebotte supported his friends in the Impressionist movement economically and helped to organize as well as to provide economic support for Impressionist and other exhibitions. In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to his own role as an Impressionist painter, leading to a reassessment of his works. There has been growing interest in the finely detailed brushwork of the paintings overflowing with light in which, like Degas, he depicted the new customs and cityscapes of Paris in the course of modernization.

The Bridgestone Museum of Art has always been dedicated to the art of the Impressionists, and this marks the first time in the Museum’s 60-year history to offer an exhibition dedicated to Gustave Caillebotte.

Main Image: Young Man Playing the Piano, 1876, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Ishibashi Foundation