Gravity/Interstellar Double Bill


When: 11/04/15 - 17/04/15: All Day

Where: Waseda Shochiku, 1-5-16 Takadanobaba

Waseda Shochiku are known for putting together some pretty exciting double bills, but they’ve really exceeded themselves with this out-of-this-world effort. “Gravity” and “Interstellar” are two of the biggest, most important science fiction films of recent years, and anyone who’s already seen the pair won’t need to be coerced into seeing them on the big screen again. The Academy Award winning, Sandra Bullock starring “Gravity” is a space-set roller-coaster ride from start to finish, while Christopher Nolan’s flawed epic “Interstellar” offers answers on life, the universe and everything amongst the nail-biting action and phenomenal visuals.

Gravity/Interstellar Double Bill

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How much: ¥1,300, University students ¥1,100 High school and younger ¥900



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