Fire-Walking Festival

fire walking

When: 13/03/16: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Where: Mount Takao, Hachioji City, Hachioji

The annual Hiwatari-sai (fire-walking) festival is happening this Sunday at Mt. Takao’s Yakuoin Shrine. Watch in awe (or horror), as trained Buddhist monks walk across hot coals, flames licking at their barefeet, to reach the other side of the temple grounds. Each year, this practice ironically represents prayers and well-wishes for traffic, human, and health safety. Pay a visit to the shrines and temples at the top after a nice hike up to the top, and thank the monks for facing dangers head-on for the sake of our protection.

If you’re feeling brave, spectators are also welcome to give fire-walking a try, once all of the monks have crossed! Not for the light hearted, but it would be a great story to take home. A few tokens and collectible “omamori” will be available just for this special occasion, ranging in price from ¥200 – ¥10,000 for larger pieces.

Fire-Walking Festival

How much: Free

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