Fires on the Plain


When: 25/07/15 - 31/07/15: All Day

Where: Shibuya Eurospace, 1-5 Maruyamacho

Here’s a treat for film fans: the release of the latest film from Shinya Tsukamoto, the cult director best known for his groundbreaking 1989 cyber-punk classic “Tetsuo, the Iron Man.” “Fires on the Plain” is a searing look at one soldier’s struggle in the jungles of the Philippines in the closing stages of WWII. By portraying a man who is sick and starving, and under threat from locals, an approaching American offensive and even his fellow soldiers, Tsukamoto creates a depiction of hell on earth. The film is playing with English subtitles in select screenings, which offers a rare chance to catch a new Japanese work in all its cinematic glory.

Shibuya Eurospace: English subtitles on the last screening of every day

Tachikawa Cinema City: English subtitles every screening from August 1 to August 4

Fires on the Plain

How much: ¥1,800

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