Film Actor Takashi Shimura


When: 18/10/15 - 23/12/15: All Day

Where: National Film Center, 3-7-6 Kyobashi

Akira Kurosawa fans know the name well: Takashi Shimura, the brilliant actor who worked with the legendary director on 21 productions, four more than Kurosawa’s go-to leading man Toshiro Mifune. Thanks to his enduring collaboration with the great auteur, this unassuming yet incredibly talented character actor became one of Japan’s finest screen stars. Memorably appearing in “Seven Samurai,” “Rashomon,” “Throne of Blood” and the rest of Kurosawa’s great golden age work, it was his starring role as a dying man in “Ikiru” that has cemented Shimura’s status to this day. Catch a selection of the actor’s finest films, including “Seven Samurai,” “Ikiru” and even the original “Godzilla,” along with an exhibition that covers his life and career with original photos and items from his life.

Film Actor Takashi Shimura

How much: Exhibition ¥210, Screenings ¥520

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