Festival/Tokyo 13


When: 09/11/13 - 08/12/13: All Day

Where: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, 1-8-1 Nishiikebukuro

Held annually as an international arts festival representing not only Tokyo and Japan but also the whole of Asia, Festival/Tokyo is renowned for its cutting-edge lineup of domestic and overseas artists, and its program of interactive and participatory events.

For this year’s Festival/Tokyo, the theme is “travels in narratives.” For the past two years, the themes have been closely tied to the events of March 2011 and their aftermath. Following this, it appears that many artists in Japan began to shift their exploration from realism to the search for fiction, and this year’s theme will consider again the power of fiction in theatre.

This year there are some new kinds of events and projects, on top of the usual plethora of performances from Japan and overseas. These include the return of the flash mobs, plus a special public art installation inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre inspired by images of the cows from the Fukushima exclusion zone. The newly established F/T Open Program sets out to open up the festival, and will intensively develop projects for a greater variety of people to enjoy and participate in the festival.

If you want to attend but you’re worried about the language barrier, fear not: there are plenty of performances with subtitles. There are also many productions performed in other languages such as German or Korean, or others, thanks to their simplicity or directness, that can easily be understood no matter what your Japanese level is. Click here for a detailed listing of plays with subtitles and performances suitable for international audiences.

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