Enmusubi Furin


When: 09/07/16 - 31/08/16: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Where: Hikawa Shrine, 1 Chome-407 Takahanacho, Omiya Ward

The sound of the furin (風鈴, wind chime) is part of the summer experience in Japan. There are even some who find something refreshing in the sound of its light, tinkling timbre. Usually just one or two are hung outside of a house or apartment, but Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe (Saitama Prefecture) has set up a feast for the ears – and the eyes – for the Enmusubi Furin festival. Enmusubi means “marriage” or “love knot,” and Hikawa Shrine has long been associated with the Shinto god of love and marriage for centuries. This new event was launched for the first time in 2014, and has already drawn more than 100,000 visitors; it features a walkway filled with the tinkling bells. At night, sections of the shrine are illuminated, and lit up furin suspended in bamboo spheres add to the charm.

Kawagoe, with its picturesque Koedo historical district, makes for an interesting day trip and Hikawa Shrine’s colorful event is just one more reason to drop by this summer.

Enmusubi Furin

How much: Free

More info: http://www.hikawa-fuurin.jp/hikawa_e/index.html

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