Earth Celebration 2016


When: 26/08/16 - 28/08/16: All Day

Where: Kodo Village, 148-1 Ogi Kanetashinden

In Japanese, the word “Kodo” conveys two meanings: “heartbeat” or “children of the drum”. The renowned taiko drumming troupe Kodo takes its name from both – because the taiko drum is said to be reminiscent of a mother’s heartbeat as experienced in the womb, and because the group members seek to play their instruments “with the simple heart of a child.” Clearly their approach is working – they’ve been going strong since debuting in the 80s, performing more than 5,000 concerts in 47 countries so far.

Arguably the most respected taiko group in the world, Kodo’s incredible stage presence is made all the more fascinating by their traditional “fundoshi” (loincloth) attire. But perhaps the best thing about watching them at the annual Earth Celebration is that you get to see them on their home turf, the beautiful Sado Island.

Earth Celebration 2016

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