Contemporary Computer Music Concert 2016


When: 05/03/16 - 06/03/16: 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Where: Institut Francais , 15 Ichigayafunagawaramachi

Electronic Music is the music of the future. A group of DJs and computer artists are out to prove that notion at this weekend’s concert, held at the Institut Francais du Japon. Each day, a 4-hour show will be held, showcasing computer and electronic musical talent from around Japan, featuring Japanese and international artists.

Drinks will be served – keep them away from the computers, though – along with plenty of chances to give a go at speaking French. Dozens of composers and Kyoto artists are visiting this weekend to oversee the event and soak up the futuristic waves. Mingle with other electronic artists and fans, and have a groovy time at the concert.

Contemporary Computer Music Concert 2016

How much: ¥ 1,500 per hour / ¥1,000 students

More info: (Japanese and French only)

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