Bunkyo Ajisai Festival


When: 06/06/15 - 14/06/15: All Day

Where: Hakusan Shrine, 5-31-26 Hakusan

Ajisai, or hydrangea, represent the rainy season here in Japan, and the best chance to take a look at the lovely blooms is at Hakusan Shrine’s annual Bunkyo Ajisai Festival. Take a stroll through the park for a view of more than 3000 of the flowers, while throughout the weekend music and food will be on offer. Saturday 13th (from 11 am) offers a local elementary school’s “forest music band” and Sunday 14th (from 14:30) features the urban night jazz orchestra.

Bunkyo Ajisai Festival

More information: www.city.bunkyo.lg.jp/ajisai.html

How much: Free


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