Bonsai and Greenery Fair in Azabu Juban

You could buy one like this at the Bonsai and Greenery Fair in Azabu Juban

When: 08/09/13 - 09/09/13: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Several hundred expats and a couple of thousand more locals turned up to the annual Bonsai and Greenery Fair in Azabu Juban last year, and 2013 should prove even more successful, with the event’s scale having grown without a hint of pruning over the last three years.

For families, bonsai experts or those who are just beginning to think about the green-fingered life, there are plenty of reasons to go to Patio Juban and take a look on September 8 and 9. You might want to pick up a tree for yourself, hone your pruning skills or simply learn a little more about a tradition being kept alive and allowed to thrive by the people from Angyo, Kawaguchi, who are bringing along their particularly well thought of bonsai, but however you see the day panning out, you will be welcome.

Organisers hope that visitors will take the chance to meet the growers and pruners and watch them at work while strolling around one of Tokyo’s friendliest neighborhoods, making for a rather relaxing sounding weekend activity.

Bonsai and Greenery Fair in Azabu Juban

How the Bonsai and Greenery Fair in Azabu Juban looked last year

Ideally you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge should you take the plunge and opt to become a bonsai owner yourself.

Luckily, experts from the town of Angyo – a place long associated with greenery in all forms – will be on hand to offer a little advice and show you the way around some of the basic techniques behind their creations with a demo on Sunday 8 at 1.30pm. Many varieties will be on show – and on sale – and whether you are a veteran wanting to go deeper into the world of bonsai or fancy a family day out that ends in a new hobby and some take home trees, this is certainly the place for you.

The bonsai themselves can sell for pretty much however much you’d like to pay and all-comers should find something that sparks their interest and fits their budget. If you want something slightly special you can push your budget to anything from ¥10,000 to between ¥40-50,000, though really, there is no limit – some trees sell to collectors around the world for thousands of dollars, with bonsai from the region on show here prized amongst the very best.

Bonsai and Greenery Fair in Azabu Juban

Where: Patio Juban (3-min walk from Azabu Juban St. Exit 4)

How Much: Free!

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