Bon Iver


When: 29/02/16: 6:00 pm

Where: Studio Coast, 2-2-10, Shin-Kiba

A long-anticipated debut show in Tokyo is finally happening for Bon Iver. The award-winning indie-pop group has been vying to perform in Japan for some time now, with fans routinely begging the award-winning troupe to include the country on their tours over the past years. A recurring headliner at events like Lollapalooza and Coachella, now is a chance to see them without flying across the sea.

Performing at the always-rowdy Studio Coast in Shinkiba, concert-goers in Tokyo know to reserve these tickets well in advance. Sale sites reveal almost all are sold out, with several auction sites already selling tickets with prices hiked to triple the original cost. They will be pulling tracks from their previous three albums and EPs, and promise a fulfilling show for fans who have been waiting for this chance for so long.

Bon Iver

How much: Standing, ¥7,500; Reserved Seating, SOLD OUT

Image: Nikko Flickr / Used under C.C.

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