Björk Biophilia Tokyo


When: 31/07/13: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

This one is for hardcore fans: in other words, limited capacity and pricey. If you’re lucky to obtain a ticket through the two different lotteries held (only 800 guests each night), and ready to shell out a portion of your monthly rent, you can catch a high-tech performance by the Icelandic icon, fittingly in the Museum of Science and Innovation – perhaps the ideal setting for a multimedia album that was partly recorded on an iPad and released through a series of apps.

For about that same price you can go camping for a full weekend and catch her headlining at Fuji Rock, but we suspect it wouldn’t be as mind-blowing.

Ticket lotteries: May 21-27 and June 3-10, here.

Björk Biophilia Tokyo (click for more info)

July 31, August 3 & 6

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