Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo 2014

Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo

When: 04/09/14 - 15/09/14: All Day

Where: Roppongi Hills, 6-10-1 Roppongi

Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo returns again after its yearly tour of other Japanese cities such as Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. There will be 64 different beers on offer, including a few specials you might usually struggle to find (or afford) in Tokyo. Food menus also keep to the European theme. Your best bet is to get your ticket in advance: you’ll pay ¥3,000 in exchange for a glass to keep and 11 tokens to be used on beer or food on the day. Beers might range from between 2–5 tokens—the same for food—with premium options ‘costing’ more, but you can always top up on the day/night—or save your spares for another trip later in the week.

Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo 2014

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