Baruto’s Retirement Ceremony


When: 08/02/14: 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Where: Ryogoku Kokugikan, 1-3-28 Yokozuna

Be a part of sumo history and join the legendary Estonian, Kaido Höövelson—better known as Baruto. The athlete reached the rank of ozeki at a record pace, and has been a fan favorite for foreigners and Japanese alike.

There will be a wide variety of activities, including performances of sumo theme songs, the comical depiction of sumo fouls, known as shokkiri, guest appearances from stars like Hakuhō, and Baruto himself fighting against kids. The final event of the day will include 200 people cutting his hair, in his ceremonial departure from the sport. It should be a terrific send-off for a man who has been a great servant to the sport of sumo over the last decade.

Baruto’s Retirement Ceremony

How much: ¥7,000

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