Bartkira in Tokyo


When: 07/03/15 - 21/03/15: 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Where: Gallery Hakusen, 1-36-14 Asagaya

Katsuhiro Otomu’s epic manga Akira and brilliant American comedy The Simpsons; two pop culture phenomenons and two classic animated works but who would have thought to merge the two together? Well, someone did and from that idea grew ‘Bartkira’. Featuring artwork by over 500 artists from around the world, their goal is to reproduce Akira in its entirety, only with all the original characters exchanged for Simpsons counterparts. See Bart become street punk Kaneda and Milhouse his unfortunate psychic-powered friend Tetsuo amongst other fantastic artwork on display at this incredible exhibition.


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