Attack on Titan Exhibition


When: 28/11/14 - 25/01/15: All Day

Where: Ueno Royal Museum, 1-2 Ueno Koen

Attack on Titan is one of the bigger manga hits of recent years and the spin-off anime has been hugely successful both here and in foreign markets. Hajime Isayama’s creation is set in a world where humans must defend their city walls from the monstrous Titans that live outside. The show has courted attention outside the anime scene with the Titans themselves appearing in a recent advert for Subaru, as well as being a popular costume this past Halloween.

This exhibition at Ueno’s Royal Museum contains an impressive collection of original drawings and sketches, full size Titan statues and even a virtual reality experience.

Attack on Titan Exhibition

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How much: Adult ¥2,000 Students ¥1,500 Up to Elementary school age ¥1,000

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