Asakusa Spring Festivals


When: 08/04/16 - 10/04/16: All Day

Where: Senso-ji, 2-3-1 Asakusa

A trifecta of events and parades will be taking place over the course of the weekend over at Senso-ji in Asakusa. All of the events are celebrating different aspects of spring, with their own performances and themes. Come back each day to see another facet of Japanese culture!

On Friday the 8th is the Hana no matsuri (Floral Festival), which ties in to Buddha’s birthday. The temple grounds will be draped in all kinds of spring flowers; don a flower crown, watch children pull a white elephant into the square, and honor Buddha at the water cleansing station.

The main event on Saturday the 9th will be a parade down the streets of Asakusa, with Senso-ji as their destination. The heavily decorated parade will feature a number of maikogeisha, and actors “on display” as the emperor and empress in “doll form.” It was once the most prominent parade that took place in the 17th century during the Edo period. Step back in time and honor the past with a series of kabuki artists and actors who will be participating.

Finally, on the Sunday the 10th, Senso-ji will witness the Shirasagi-no mai (white heron dance) around midday. The dance commemorates 100 years of Tokyo as the nation’s capital. The graceful performance starts with a parade, and ends with a slow dance of warriors and many participants draped in heron costumes. The spectacle takes place at Senso-ji square.

Asakusa Spring Festivals

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