Ako Gishi-sai Festival


When: 14/12/15: All Day

Where: Sengakuji Temple, 2-11-1 Takanawa

The legend of the Forty-seven Ronin is one of Japan’s most cherished tales of loyalty, honor and revenge and as a result it has been told countless times in television, books and film. The story has even received the Hollywood treatment in two recent productions: the Keanu Reeves-starring “47 Ronin” and the Clive Owen/Morgan Freeman medieval retelling “Last Knights” (In cinemas now!). Due to its significance in Japanese culture, events are held around the country on December 14th: the date when 47 masterless samurai took revenge on their lord’s enemy before taking their own lives.

Arguably the most important of these events is held at Sengakuji Temple, which holds the graves of the samurai. Masses of visitors visit the site to pay their respects while the Gishi Gyoretsu procession sees 47 men dressed as the masterless vassals make a somber tour of the grounds.

Ako Gishi-sai Festival

How much: Free

More information: http://www.sengakuji.or.jp/


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