Akikazu Nakamura – Shakuhachi Performance


When: 05/07/16: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Yomiuri Otemachi Hall, Otemachi 1−7−1

The shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese bamboo flute. Akikazu Nakamura’s Zen-influenced shakuhachi performances are highly praised not only in traditional Japanese music circles, but also those in the jazz and rock worlds, who recognize the instrument’s musicality and Nakamura’s contemporary improvisational skills. He is considered a leading musician for circular breathing, multiple stopping, overtones, and the ancient Japanese breathing technique of Missoku. Nakamura has performed in 40 different countries, 150 different cities, and continues to play around the world.

In this concert, the shakuhachi virtuoso will bring back to life the ancient and mysterious music of the Komuso monks and their mystical world. The fascinating play of tones and silences by Akikazu Nakamura will surely spellbind you.

Akikazu Nakamura – Shakuhachi Performance

How much: ¥4,000 through presale, ¥4,500 at the door

More info: http://yomi.otemachi-hall.com/event/event_2920.html

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