Africa Hibiya Festival


When: 09/07/16 - 10/07/16: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Where: Hibiya Park, 1 Hibiyakoen

At their upcoming summer festival, the African Heritage Committee is posing the question – “What is African heritage?” – and challenging visitors to discover their own answers. Discover “what is means to be African” through a series of workshops, performances, and sampling of staple dishes from African countries. Try your hand at beading, dyeing fabrics, cooking up some dishes, or even giving a go at a traditional drum set!

Their theme this year focuses on children. All around the event will be photos of African children from all across the continent. The Committee hopes to educate Japanese people and international visitors about the African lifestyle, and touch on points about clothing, cultural rituals, and children’s hobbies. They hope that people will go from being “indifferent” about Africa to “loving” aspects of their culture and ideas.

Africa Hibiya Festival

How much: Free

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