Archive 2017

July 2017

Breaking the rules of kimono – a new book shatters antiquated views of this traditional garment. Plus: The boys for sale in Shinjuku Ni-chome, best sake of 2017, Japan’s new emperor, and what really goes on inside “Terrace House.”

June 2017

Tokyo’s old soul is alive and well. We discover its essence in a retro shotengai, and explore its renaissance in modern Japan. Plus: Japan’s archaic sex crime laws are finally changing, secret gardens in Tokyo, and is North Korea a real threat?


May 2017

Meet the hyperreal body artist, the illusionist, the contortionist, and the acrobat who are putting Japan on the global talent map. Plus: Inside Nara’s abandoned theme park, Q&A with chef Bill Granger, and Japan’s child poverty crisis.

April 2017

Shop Tokyo: Six trends from Tokyo Fashion Week, five interior design brands to transform your living space, 33 Japanese items for your home, wardrobe and beauty kit. Plus: Q&A with Ghost in the Shell cast feat. Scarlett Johansson, and the curious “adult wrapping” therapy.

March 2017

The Travel Issue: Seoul beauty haul, 48 hours in Kyushu’s Saga, where to go glamping, follow the cherry blossoms from south to north. Plus: 10 ways to enjoy Kagoshima, Narita daytripping, jet-set accessories, and around Japan through movie locations.

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