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Straining against all borders

When Misa Shin Gallery opened its doors for the very first time in November with a show by controversy-courting Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, the gallery announced that there would be a lecture by the man himself. It must have seemed a simple

Motohiko Odani's "Erectro (Bambi)" (1998) MOT PHOTO

Fleshing out Motohiko Odani’s phantom limbs

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “phantom limb,” it describes the sensation sometimes experienced by amputees that their lost limb is still attached to their body. The missing limb may itch or ache; regardless of the fact that the sensation is entirely


Reason in an age of AIDS

by Owen Schaefer Peter Piot, the UNAIDS program executive director, once wrote that “Art and…

Mishima - Newspaper-84-E, Hara Museum

Yesterday’s News

I’d like to ask Kimiyo Mishima what she thinks of the iPad. It may sound…


Reflecting on Eliasson

Maybe one day I’ll turn up at a an Olafur Eliasson show and fail to…


Art + Aichi

It seems that the appetite for biennial and triennial art exhibitions knows no bounds. From the Yokohama event that started in 2001, to the older events in Gwangju and Shanghai, it seems every local government wants to seize the opportunity to make a little money from art.

The theme for the Nagoya-based festival is “Art and Cities” — less than a cutting-edge notion, perhaps. Art has been a largely urban practice for a long time, and with populations in developed nations becoming increasingly urban, it doesn’t look likely to change. The real translation for this, of course, is “Art in our city” with the Triennale attempting to bring visitors to as much of Nagoya as possible. This isn’t all bad, of course. And, while it is focused on the visual arts, there will also be related performance and music aspects around the city.

Art Tower Mito

Manga in Mito

I’ve mentioned the use of manga in Japanese art in the past, and I’ve also likely mentioned that it is something of a personal bugbear of mine. Not because I have a problem with manga appearing in art or being used by artists, but because I have a problem with its perception outside of Japan. Too often, it becomes a part of that persistent notion that Japan is a country caught between so-called old and new values; that it is a “quirky” place full of quirky people and ideas. These are the stereotypes that are trotted out again and again.

from Rakunin, 2010 Japanese ink and hair on pig skin Tabaimo Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi

Handing it to Tabaimo

from “Rakunin”, 2010 Japanese ink and hair on pig skin © Tabaimo / Courtesy of…

Blank Musuem at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

The Art of Being Art-less

You aren’t supposed to see a gallery. Or at least that’s the idea passed down…


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