Revisiting the Tohoku city of Rikuzentakata, three years later Benin Stock Exchange Lahore By Alec Jordan

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The former city hall at Rikuzentakata, shortly after 3/11

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A small, portable way to commemorate the work being done at Rikuzentakata are keychains being made through the 瓦Re: KEY HOLDER project. To make these decorative keychains, pieces of plastic debris from the wreckage (which have been tested for radiation) are sanded and polished into a collection of smooth, multicolored shapes, which are both colorful conversation pieces and evocative reminders. Proceeds from the sale of the pieces go to support the communities of Rikuzentakata. You can find them at:

The Lasting Effects of 3/11

Paper Trading Platforms Online Dictionary Two and a half years after the March 11, 2011, quake and tsunami, 103,600 survivors of the disaster still live in temporary housing units in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures.*

Tohoku population 2010: 9,335,636
Tohoku population 2013: 9,109,167

Total killed = 15,884
Total missing = 2,363
Total injured = 6,147

Collapsed buildings = 127,290
Half collapsed = 272,788
Partially damaged = 747,989

Estimated damage = ¥25 trillion ($300 billion)
Debris swept off shore = 5 million tons

(As of February 10, 2014 by National Police Agency of Japan)


Main Image: Rikuzentakata, 2014 (courtesy of Amya Miller)