Sumo Grand Tournament

Events Sports - September 5th, 2012

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Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo

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The Grand Tournament runs from Sept. 9 until Sept. 23, as usual starting and ending on a Sunday. If you want to go along, it is advisable to plan a weekday visit if your schedule allows, certainly if you are hoping for one of the cheaper daily sale tickets (¥2,100).

Line up at the ticket office for these but remember, if doing so at the weekend you will need to get there well before the action begins – arrive at 9 a.m. and you may already be too late. At the time of writing, final weekend tickets have all but sold out but you can check availability on this site, in English.

A sumo wrestler’s diet consists mainly of chankonabe, a high-protein one-pot stew containing various meats and vegetables (accompanied with massive quantities of rice) and if you want to get in on the action there are many places around the venue that will serve a similar dish to the public. More of a dish for a winter’s day, really, but hey, why not get into the sumo spirit.

For more advance sale ticket information, click here.

When: Sept. 9-Sept. 23

Where: Ryogoku Kokogikan (nearest station, Ryugoku)

How much: From ¥2,100 (just ¥200 for children) for day tickets purchased on the morning of the event.

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